Wearing method of emerald

Wearing Method Of Emerald And Benefits


Many of us think of wearing the beautiful green Emerald stone as we fall in love with it at first sight. However, not all of us are aware of the right method to wear this gemstone that represents beauty and royalty.

With several benefits that the gemstone offers, it becomes important to wear it in the right manner to reap these benefits and to experience a world filled with love, happiness, and good fortune.

So, if till now, you have been looking for a step-by-step guide which can help you understand the various do’s and don’ts that should be performed before you wear an emerald gemstone, then here’s the wearing method of Panna you need to know:

Step 1: Find a reliable astrologer

In the absence of proper knowledge about your horoscope or birth chart, you need to consult a renowned and experienced astrologer before you buy Panna online or from an offline store.

Such an astrologer will have a detailed study of your horoscope and will inform you if wearing an emerald is beneficial according to your birth chart or not.

Step 2: Find the right stone

Just like each person is different, so is their horoscope. So, when your astrologer recommends you a specific stone, make sure you get the details about it and get only a compatible emerald gemstone from the market.

Step 3: Go for quality

Buying a low quality or treated gemstone may not yield the benefits that you deserve from your chosen gem. This is the reason why it is necessary to give quality the priority that it deserves. Take note of all the aspects of the gemstone – from its cut to its clarity, color, and carat; everything should be perfect.

Having an emerald without inclusions is recommended as it will help the wearer get the benefits easily. A high-quality emerald gemstone is the one naturally formed and not synthetic.

Understand that wearing a fake Emerald may lead you to some grave consequences. To avoid them, it is always advisable to invest your money in a high-quality Emerald gemstone.

Step 4: Know about the right time to wear your emerald

If you think that you can wear your gemstone as and when you want, then you are absolutely wrong. No matter which gemstone are you planning to wear, there is always an auspicious time to do so, and emerald is no exception.

Find the right day and time to wear the emerald gemstone. Such a day and time will be when the associated planet is in a strong and favorable position.

More often than not, your astrologer may advise you to wear it on a Wednesday morning, during Shukla Paksha, as Wednesday is believed to be the day of the planet Mercury which is related to Emerald.

Step 5: Get information about the perfect finger to wear the emerald on

Finding the right finger to wear your emerald gemstone on is important. Ideally, it should be worn on the little or ring finger of the working hand. A woman can wear this stone on the little or ring finger of the left hand too.


Step 6: Start with the process

Once everything else is done, you may begin the process of wearing Panna by taking a bowl of raw milk or Gangajal. Put the ring into the bowl a night before the morning you want to wear the stone on.

Then, the next morning, get up early, take a bath and wear clean, washed clothes. If possible, then place a clean cloth on the floor within an hour of sunrise and sit on it while holding the bowl containing the emerald ring.

Sit in such a manner that you face the east direction. Then, put the ring in your right hand and for at least 108 times, recite one of the following mantras:

“Om Bum Budhaye Namah Aum”

“Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaya”

Step 7: Wear the emerald and get its benefits

After completing the above-listed steps, wear the ring and keep it clean and well maintained to keep enjoying the benefits that the incredible emerald stone offers.

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