Lab Created Vs Imitation Gemstones

Difference Between Lab Created Gems and Imitation Gems

Difference Between Lab Created Gems and Imitation Gems
Difference Between Lab Created Gems and Imitation Gems

Difference Between Lab Created Gems and Imitation Gemstones

A lab-created gems is made of natural mineral and an event to improve the quality of a gemstone it is extensively being treated in the laboratory.

However, while doing this exercise gemologist do consider the attributes or quality aspects of the stone. They try their level best to preserve the essential attributes or qualities of a gemstone.

On the other hand, an imitation gemstone is composed of glass, cubic or zircon. The chemical composition and internal structure of this stone are totally different in comparison to the lab-created gemstone.

The purpose of manufacturing imitation gemstone is to provide the customer with a similar-looking gemstone as the natural gemstone in the cheapest or most affordable price.

Due to the limited availability of natural gemstones; gemstones are being manufactured in the lab using different techniques and procedures.

The Gemstones which are being manufactured in the laboratory by gemologist are of high quality with low inclusions and on the parameter of quality, they are acceptable. Some of the examples of lab-created gemstones are Amethyst, Zircon Gems, Opal Gemstone, Turquoise, green beryl and topaz stone.

Contrary to this, the fake gemstones manufacturer also creates the same colored gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones using inferior quality of a material. For instance, opal, topaz, green beryl is being created using the same technique. However, the quality of these stones is quite ordinary, and they can easily bruise or damage because they are made of glass or ordinary material.

But, using several machines or polishing techniques they made stone look-alike exactly like natural stone. Nonetheless, by closely inspecting these stones you will easily find out which is the natural gemstone and which is fake stone.

Another way to differentiate b/w lab-created or imitation gemstone is through jewel loop. Using this tool you can closely examine a gemstone. And while doing so, if you come across bubbles or gas streak inside the gemstone. It clearly signifies that the gems are fake or lab-created.

Secondly, if there is painted color surface or foil underneath the gemstone, then it is an imitation gemstone.

The price of lab-created or imitation gemstone also assists one to find the difference between these two types of stones. A lab-created gemstone will cost you more than an imitation gemstone.

Finally, a jeweler or gemologist will also let you discriminate between the imitation and lab-created gemstone. Thus, if you have any confusion or doubt regarding the quality of the gemstone, you can seek the consultation of an experienced jeweler or gem expert.


The lab-created gemstones are high-quality gemstones and genuine. They have proximity to the natural gemstones. There persist only one difference between the natural and lab-created gemstones that lab-created gemstones are near to perfect in appearance. The quality of the lab-created gemstone clearly depends upon the process of manufacturing it.

Some process may produce high-quality gemstones whereas; some processes will produce moderate quality gemstones. However, the price of lab-created gemstones is cheaper than natural gemstones.

On the other hand, an imitation gemstone is an imitation of real gemstone. And it is being produced using glass, cubic and other materials which do not compete with the real gemstones.

They are inferior in terms of quality and made of glass and other low-quality materials. Because imitation gemstones are made of glass, so they can easily break, on the other hand, a lab-created gemstone will be hard to break or bruise.

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