How To Shop Turquoise Stone For Jewelry

How To Shop Turquoise Stone For Jewelry?


Turquoise stone has been considered a valuable and mesmerizing stone found in a thousand years. It is one of the oldest mineral found on the earth. The turquoise stone is found in various shades, but blue and green are considered to be the best-looking stone.

It is said about a turquoise stone that wearing this stone prevents a person against several serious diseases. Wearing it also enhances the intelligence level, understanding, and generosity. However, to avail all these benefits in your life, you must wear the only real turquoise gemstone.

Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to obtain real & authentic turquoise stone. Most of the gem sellers nowadays keen on selling fake turquoise stone labeling it as real turquoise stone. So, it becomes essential for a gem buyer to know how to shop real turquoise gemstone.

Guideline For Buying Turquoise Stone For Jewelry

Read the following guide that will surely help you to differentiate between the authentic and fake turquoise gemstone.

Turquoise is a soft mineral so it needs to be stabilized in order to make it perfect for the jewelry making process.

Shop turquoise gemstone from only reputable gemstone sellers; before buying gemstone from him ask him about the origin of the stone and enhancements or treatments which turquoise gemstone has received.

Because, nowadays it is common for the gemstone to get enhanced or treated in order to advance their color, cut and other properties.

However, there are two kinds of enhancements one which is defined as per the rules set by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

And the other is set by the local dealers who overlook the guideline set by AGTA. So before buying a turquoise gemstone must read these guidelines.

A fake turquoise gemstone is composed of plastic and other cheap materials. To check out whether a turquoise gemstone is real or fake, you can put a hot needle on the stone.

If it is made of plastic, you will smell resin and needle will leave a mark on the stone. On the other hand, if turquoise is natural so doing the same thing won’t leave any mark on the gemstone.

Do not fall for cheap price turquoise stones because these are traps set by fake gem sellers to sell their products online.

Be alert! Especially while buying turquoise beads because a fake gem dealer would like to sell you plastic and glass beads that have been dyed or treated to look alike real turquoise gemstone.


The natural turquoise gemstones are found in Arizona and being called as sleeping beauty.

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