Some Historical Facts About Gemstones That You Should Know

Some Historical Facts About Gemstones That You Should Know

Some Historical Facts About Gemstones That You Should Know
Some Historical Facts About Gemstones That You Should Know

Precious gemstones have had an immense influence on human culture, and society for many years. Each of these gemstones also has interesting stories of their own that are truly captivating.

If you are looking to buy gems, invest in jewelry or develop an extensive collection of these products, it is important that you know about the history and background of these stones and learn what makes them special.

Here Is A Look At Some Of The Most Interesting Facts About These Stones That You Need To Know About.

• People in ancient Egypt always had a strong fascination for gemstones even though they were not exactly good at differentiating between stones with similar colors. Cleopatra, the famed ruler of Egypt had a great love for emeralds. It is widely believed that she used to wear emerald stone jewelry quite frequently and also beautified her palace with emeralds.

• The hardest gemstone known to man is certainly diamond. It scores a 10 on the Mohs scale which makes it the toughest gemstone found on earth. High on endurance and capable of withstanding any kind of wearing and tearing, the diamond is also one of the most beautiful stones among all. Due to this reason, it is a staple when it comes to the making of engagement rings.

• The softest and lightest gemstone is Amber. The delicate nature of the stone is due to the fact of resin sap originating from prehistoric trees which fossilizes over several millions of years. Baltic amber stones are most use for making jewelry as it is  the hardest variant of amber.

• The biggest gemstone in the world with the maximum number of facets is a topaz with a weight of 37000 carats. This stone comes from Brazil.

• People who have seen the blockbuster movie Titanic are familiar with the plot line of the strikingly beautiful sapphire necklace that end ups under the sea. However, not many are aware of the fact that it is actually based on a true story. Kate Florence Phillips, a girl of 20 was traveling on the Titanic with her partner Henry Samuel Morley on a fateful night. The sapphire stone necklace was given to her by Henry Samuel Morley. While Henry could not make it and died in the sea, Kate Florence Phillips lived till the end of her days and had the necklace with her.

• The agate stone is have beautiful natural stripes which give it its distinct appearance. Such stripes not only make the agate stone stunning but also make it the muse of artists. All people having a rich imagination. The traces of chalcedony are what give rise to these stripes. It is this characteristic that helps to differentiate between a real and a fake agate.

• There is a unique connection between pomegranates and garnets. The name of garnet is derive from this fruit, whose seeds resemble the color of the stone. The garnet stone is believed to bestow life and love to a person.

• Pearls are some of the most beautiful gemstones that one can buy. It takes about 1 to 4 years for a single pearl stone to form.

• Colorful gemstones have unique charm and for this reason they are extensively use as the making of jewelry. Some of the most beautiful gemstones are tourmaline and opal which stand out for their striking coloration. In an opal stone, you can spot flashes of color on a white background. Tourmalines are as Rainbow Gemstones because they can be found in all kinds of rainbow colors.


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