Gemstones Suitable For Wedding Rings

Gemstones Suitable For Wedding Rings

Gemstones Suitable For Wedding Rings
Gemstones Suitable For Wedding Rings

There is no denying the fact that diamonds are girls’ best friend, but they are surely not the only ones. A lot of women wish to look past the beautiful, sparkling and durable diamonds . When it comes to their wedding rings or engagement rings.

If you are one such woman who wishes to find something unique to celebrate the nuptial knot with the love of your life, then there are several gemstones that you can pick from. And, if you are a man who wishes to surprise his love with an out of the ordinary wedding ring. Then also the options are many. Let’s just take a look!

Amethyst  Wedding Rings

An exotic purple amethyst gemstone that can amaze any woman with its prettiness. When embedded in fine jewelry, makes any ring stand out from the rest.

Amethyst  Rings
Amethyst  Rings

Quite durable, this stone can be set in rose gold or sterling silver to create one of the most stunning wedding rings ever.

Emerald Wedding Rings

Looking for something green? Well, then what’s better than the stunning Emerald gemstone? This precious gemstone is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, and celebrities are a testament to the fact.

emerald wedding ring
Emerald wedding ring

Get a classic ring made for your wife-to-be with a natural emerald set in platinum, and let the world know your sentiments for her.

Ruby Gemstone

For those who can’t do without everything luxe, getting a wedding ring that’s made with a ruby gemstone is a must.

ruby wedding ring
Ruby wedding ring

With a rich blood-red tone that’s romantic to the core. The ruby gem is perfect to woo your better half. And, the fact that it is pretty durable makes it a great choice for a ring that’s to be worn every day.

Sapphire Wedding Rings

One of the precious gemstones available today, Sapphires can be found in different colors. While the Blue Sapphire is a symbol of royalty. There are some other colors as well that can add beauty to any ring.

Blue Sapphire Rings
Blue Sapphire Rings

From pink to yellow, green, peach and even white – sapphires gemstones in all these colors make lovely gemstone rings to be cherished forever.

Tanzanite Gemstone

If you are looking for a rare stone that is beautiful as well, then Tanzanite is the one to go for.

Tanzanite Gemstone
Tanzanite Gemstone

While it may cost you more than what you might have set in as a budget for your wedding ring, it definitely is worth it – thanks to its incredible looks and rarity!


Topaz Gemstone

The Topaz gemstone makes gorgeous engagement and wedding rings. Thanks to the alluring range of colors that the stone has and the amazing clarity that it carries.

TOPAZ wedding ring
Topaz wedding ring

While a pure topaz is colorless, you can find some other appealing hues as well such as blue, red, pink, green, orange, etc.

Turquoise Gemstone

A combination of copper and aluminum, the wonderful Turquoise gemstone can be found in different hues – from bright blue to a pale one. Complement this crystal with small diamonds.  You will have a luxurious ring ready for your wedding.

Turquoise Gemstone
Turquoise wedding ring

So, there you have it – a list of different gemstones that can make any wedding ring look truly unique and spectacular.

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