Color Variations Of Topaz Gemstones

Different Color Variations Of Topaz Gemstones


So, do you think that topaz gemstones merely an inexpensive blue gem… Well! Many of us guess it so, that topaz is found only in blue color and it is quite cheap. However, most of you will wonder to know that amazing topaz stone is not found only in blue color, but also in various colors ranging from blue, pink, orange, white, black, green, etc…

And, you will be surprise to know that all these colors reflect by topaz are because of defects or impurity elements that occur in the crystal structure of this stone.

Color variation Of Topaz Gemstones


A topaz stone displays different colors totally based upon the imperfections at different levels of its crystal structure. The core reason topaz resembles different colors is due to the fact that it is monochromatic which means that its color change occurs due to impurities that occur due to defects in the crystal structure.

If the imperfections occur at the atomic level of the topaz then it will reflect brown, yellow and blue color. On the other hand, if the defects occur due to the presence of the chromium element in the crystal structure of the stone, then it displays colors such as pink, red, purple, violet-green. Yellow color topaz is consider as an alternative stone of yellow sapphire.

Brown is consider to be the most common type of topaz stone. And, it is also refer to being the “smoky quartz”. Topaz produces an exceptionally wide range of colors naming blue, pink, red, yellow, green, black and white. Apart from colorful topaz, this stone is often establish colorless. Mostly, a colorless stone is purposely treat to give it a blue color.

The color varieties of this semi-precious stone are also measure simply by hue name-pink topaz, brown topaz, and pink topaz. But there is special trade name given to the topaz stone-Imperial topaz is a reddish-orange topaz stone. Similarly, sherry topaz is name after sherry wine-it is a brown to yellow color or blend of brown and red color topaz.

These types of topaz gemstones are not very expensive. A part from being an achromatic stone, it is also pleochroic which means that stone reflects different shades of color when the light is throw from different angles.


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