Beautiful Ruby Gemstone In Different Shapes

Ruby stone is the most beautiful precious stone belongs to the corundum family. This precious stone is the second hardest gemstone with 9 Mohs hardness on Moh scale, the parameter of measurement of hardness.

This stone is famous and have a passion most because of its attractive color and hue. Ruby gemstone comes in different color, hue and tone.

Ruby is in rich pink color or Rich red color too, Its color deflection is depends on the origins of mining place.

This precious gemstone is comes in different cuts and Shapes that are as below.

Heart Shape Ruby Gemstone:

Heart Cut Ruby stone Perfect for engagement rings.

Round Cut Ruby Gemstone:

Round cut ruby is uses as  rings, bracelet necklace, pendants.

Oval Shape Ruby Gemstone:

The Ruby Stone that found in raw form can cut in laboratories in oval form.

Cushion Shape Ruby Stone:

Square Cut Ruby with round corner is famous as Cushion Shape Ruby.

Princess-Cut Ruby Stone:

Ruby stone in Square shape With excellent polishing.

Emerald-Cut Ruby Stone:

Ruby stone cut in an emerald shape.

Pear Shape Ruby Stone:

Ruby stone that was cut in teardrop shape in popular as pear cut ruby.

Shapes Of Ruby stones are defined graphically  below

Beautiful Ruby Gemstone In Different Shapes
Beautiful Ruby Gemstone In Different Shapes

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