7 Interesting Facts About Opal You Will Fall In Love With

7 Interesting Facts About Opal You Will Fall In Love


Opal stone is one of the most exquisite gemstones that exist on earth at present times. The physical and metaphysical properties of opals help this stone to shine among the plethora of gemstones. Apart from being mesmerized and benevolent for a human being, you would also astonish to know about the 10 interesting facts about opal gemstone.

Opal is the birthstone of October

  • Opal stone is termed being the birthstone of the month of October. Thus, all those individuals whose birthday fall in the month of October should wear this stone. It is firmly believed that wearing this magical stone will bring divine powers for its wearer.
  • It is one of its kind of gemstone which is found on more than one planet. It is said that opal stone is found on mars apart from the earth. Therefore, it is also termed as ” Martian stone”.
  • The opal gemstone is conferred as the queen of gemstones due to its fantastic color combinations which comprise the color of different precious stones.
  • The best quality and majority of opal stone comes from Australia. Almost 95% of opal is produced in this area which is further exported to different parts of the world.
  • Opals are considered as one of the luckiest gemstone found on the earth. Opals are also considered as the talisman in some parts of the world and a status symbol to own in others.
  • Do you know how it is formed. According to some people this stone has formed with raindrops? The varieties of color which this stone displays are affiliated with the rainbow.
  • With its fascinating color and mesmerizing luster, this stone has been associated with royalty and eminence since ages.
  • Queen Victoria’s favorite gemstone was Opal! She had Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds from all over the British empire, but fell in love with the intoxicating colors of Opals.

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