White Coral Gemstone

Who Should Wear White Coral Gemstone

Who Should Wear White Coral Gemstone
Who Should Wear White Coral Gemstone

The white Coral gemstone is an organic gemstone just like the red coral and is used mainly for medicinal and healing purpose. It is also identify as the “Safed Moonga” stone. It is chemically compose of calcium carbonate. The stone is comes from the sea where it is outgrowth in leafless bushes and found in other colors also apart from white color.

White Coral gemstone can find all over the world. However, the best quality fully Natural and organic White Coral comes from Sardinia, Italy. It is blemish-free smooth in appearance and has a weight of 5.58 carats. Because of its low hardness, it is not very durable.

The coral-stone is allied with the planet Mars. Mars is recognize as the planet of dynamism and it is relates with the fire element. Mars, when positioned in Cancer, becomes enervated i.e., drops much of its influences. The white coral gemstone which signifies individuals who are born under Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs.

White Coral with Healing Powers

This Gemstone is bless with healing powers and can be use by anyone only after astrological recommendations. It is especially useful in challenging positions of Mars.

White Coral is a gemstone that is for removing fear, anxiety, general debility, provides strength and boosts the immune system.

White Coral Stone enhances name, fame, and leadership virtues to its user. It is suitable for people who are looking for proper protection, spiritual awakening, and eternal prosperity.

Certain Ayurveda texts recommend the use of white coral in the treatment of blood-related disorders, jaundice and other ailments susceptible to a tropical climate.

This gemstone is suggested for avoiding miscarriage in women who have such a tendency. The Vedic texts are mention that for safe delivery, women should tie a white coral around their navel after 90 days of conceiving.

The white Coral can wear in silver but in few conditions such as Mars-Sun conjunction, it can be wear in Gold also. However, it observes that this gemstone gives good results in both metals.

White Coral Gemstone represents a mystical and higher form of persistent love. Because of its white color, it also illustrates transparency, which results in pure devotion.

Wearing a White Coral Stone fills the life with the individual with positive energy and calmness. The energy transmitted by the White Coral gemstone are stimulating and extremely inspiring.


White Coral gemstone ensures proper circulation of the bloodstream and is extremely beneficial in the cases of leukoderma (Vitiligo) and Leucorrhoea. It is also helpful in treating certain ailments like bronchitis, jaundice, backaches, asthma and cough and cold. It is also beneficial for pregnant women as mentioned earlier.

White Coral gemstone in order to be effective needs to have a minimum of at least 6 carats. However, an individual can wear white coral stone ring up to a maximum of 12 carats.

There is no substitute for a white coral gemstone.


Finally, to sum up, white Coral should be used by those individuals who are looking for the following benefits:

  • Helps in certain overwhelming situations of Mars such as Mars in Cancer-The planet that rules the blood system as per Vedic Astrology.
  • It improves general debility, anxiety, fear of the unknown and provides strength, boosting the immune system and ability of regeneration.
  • This gemstone finds mention in certain Ayurveda texts. It suggests for use in the treatment of blood-related disorders, jaundice, and ailments peculiar to a tropical climate. As an Ayurvedic Gemstone, the coral stone is made into a fine paste called as Pushti and then mixed with other herbs to formulate healing medicines.
  • The White Coral supports in dealing with fear, nervousness, and insecurity and even helps to improve communication skills.
  • It is helpful in overcoming common cold, bronchitis, and asthma.
  • White Coral gemstones are beneficial to certain individuals who have suicidal tendencies.
  • White coral helps in curing leukoderma, Leucorrhoea.
  • In general, it blesses with a strong physique and high energy levels.
  • It should wear after proper consultation with astrologer. Proper care for preserve its quality otherwise a defective white coral may have negative effects.

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