How To Identify Natural Opal Gemstone?

How To Identify Natural Opal Gemstone
How To Identify Natural Opal Gemstone

Tips To Identify Natural Opal Gemstone

If you want to buy real opal stone and protect yourself against the wrongdoings that prevail in the gemstone world, then read the following guide which entails you that how to identify a real opal stone.

Check out the origin of the opal stone. The high-quality opal stone is often mined in Australia. So, if the origin of opal is Australia, then chances are high that you are paying for a real opal stone.

On the other hand, Countries like Russia and Hong Kong Provide fake opal stone in large quantity. So in case, you come across Russian or Hong Kong Opal then it is better to pass it.

Real opal stone can never be entirely symmetrical. It will always have some imperfections. Therefore, if someone tries to sell you perfect oval shape or round shape opal stone so better tell him “No”,

Investigate opal in white light. Instead of using artificial light use natural light to identify whether opal is real or fake. If by putting opal in natural light you get to see many layers of color so it means that opal is a natural gemstone. On the contrary, if an opal displays only a single color so it means that you should not pay for that stone.

The natural opal stone is an expensive stone. It usually cost you high. Therefore, if any gem seller tries to sell you opal in incredibly low price, then suspect his intention because he may be trying to sell you an artificial stone.


You can also approach an experienced jeweler who has in-depth knowledge about the gemstones and may ask him to check that whether your opal is natural or fake.

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