Natural Ruby Gemstone

Do You Know Anything About Natural Ruby Gemstone?

Do you know anything about natural ruby gemstone?
Do you know anything about natural ruby gemstone?

Ruby is considered to be some of the finest precious gemstones in the world and it is hardly surprising. Over the years, they have been associated with royalty.

Rubies are composed of corundum and chromic oxide is the component that provides them with their hallmark red color. While Burmese ruby is regarded as the best in the world, there are also numerous other locations in the world that provide top-grade rubies for their markets.

You Must Know More About The Rubies.

Rubies are by far the most important form of gemstone belonging to the corundum family. It is a well-known fact that large-sized gem-quality rubies often fetch pricier than similar-sized diamonds. However, these rubies are certainly rarer when compared to the whole assortment of rubies that are mined.

While most rubies come with some blemishes of their own, the rubies that are found in Burma have the least amount of blemishes. It is, therefore, no wonder that there is always a high demand for such rubies. The color of the rubies may vary greatly depending on the location of the mines.

Usually, you will find that most of the rubies have a vibrant crimson coloration. There are also rubies that come with  brownish-red hue. There are also rubies that have a pinkish color which also finds many takers. Other notable colors include purplish-red and dark red. A natural ruby gemstone is always in high demand.

That being said, there are also synthetic rubies in the market that go through some special treatment. If you intend to buy natural rubies, you should be able to distinguish them from the ones that are synthetically made.

Salient Characteristics Of Ruby

When it comes to detecting the exact location from where the rubies are obtained, you can most definitely go with the color as the starting point. However, it is still important for you to note that color is one of the prime factors that help to determine the origin of the stone; it is not the only one.

For instance, if you find a ruby that is somewhat purplish-red in its color, you can be sure of the fact that it has been obtained from Burma. On the other hand, Thai rubies tend to appear somewhat brownish-red. The rubies produce fluoresce in short or long wave ultraviolet light.

You can use this to detect the specific origin of the ruby stone. The rubies obtained from Myanmar produce fluoresce in such a strong manner that you can also notice such effects in sunlight.

These rubies glow brightly and buyers simply love them for that. The Thai rubies generally do not have that property. The other property that can help you to identify the source of a ruby is the inclusions. By carefully studying the inclusions, you can easily understand the mines from where they have been collected.

The Cut Of Ruby Stone

The Cut Of Ruby Stone
The Cut Of Ruby Stone

When you are looking to buy an original ruby stone, one of the essential factors that you need to focus on is certainly the cut of the stone. A ruby’s cut basically refers to the way the gemstone is faceted, the overall symmetry of the stone and its multiple dimensions.

Even though the cut of the rubies is not considered to be as important as it is with diamonds, you still need to know them in order to choose your rubies. Along with the cut, the color and clarity of the ruby stone are also going to play a part. The reason for which gemstone experts still put a lot of importance on the cut of these stones is because they help to bring out the glow and beauty of the stone. When cutting in the right manner, a ruby can look dazzling and bright.

The color of the ruby is also further accentuated by this. Gem cutters mainly focus on maximizing color and carat weight as well as minimizing inclusions. The gem cutters also consider the shape that is demanded by the customers. For instance, rubies come in a diverse range of shapes like oval, round, cushion, pear and cabochon.


Ruby Carat Weight

The carat is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to ruby gemstone prices. The carat is basically the weight of the stone. This means that the greater is the carat, the more is the price.

While buying a ruby, it is vital that you try to find a balance between the color and the carat as they both play a critical role in defining the price you need to pay. You can also make your choices based on the factors discussed here.

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